Qantas A380

There a lot of credit cards that let you earn Qantas Frequent Flyer Points as you spend on that card. As you spend, you earn Qantas points. This equates to rewards for you in the form of cheaper flights, free-upgrades or a huge range of desirable consumer goods from the Qantas online store. And for Qantas, our national flag-carrying airline, it translates into increased loyalty and customer retention in the competitive airline world.

Are you aware of how much points are actually worth? Or how long it will take (how much spending will it take) to reach your goal of buying a particular flight or item in the Qantas online store using your QFF points? Do points values vary depending on what you buy? If you’ve got no idea of the answers then you wouldn’t be the only one!

It helps though to get a handle on these things so that you can make the most of your points earning potential. Here are a few basic facts…

It may surprise you to know that points are rarely worth more than 1 cent and can be worth as little as a third of a cent! How you spend/redeem your Qantas points is largely the determining factor as to how much its worth. If you make an award booking on a Qantas Flight, your points will be worth a high 1.1 – 1.3 cents each, but they can drop in value down to 0.3 cents when shopping at the Qantas Frequent Flyer store.

Have your calculator handy when you’re spending points because you can easily get a not-so-flash deal. Look at the retail price of an item you’re interested in and work out the value of points based on how many points Qantas is asking for the product.

For example, you can get an Amazon Kindle eReader for 38,000 points or a Webber Baby Q for 41,000 points. Retail value on the Kindle is $139 and on the Webber, $299 so if you do the maths you’ll discover that a Frequent Flyer Point is worth only about 0.3 of a cent on the Kindle and 0.7 of a cent on the Webber. I know where I’d be spending my points!

Bottom line: don’t’ assume points are always worth the same and make sure you’re getting maximum points value when you buy by simply doing the maths. You’re going to get the best points-value on the Award Flights so you might want to stick there if you can use the flights.