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August 12, 2014

10 Tips to Make the Most of Your Credit Card

tips for using your credit card

Credit cards are a very useful financial tool by giving you the flexibility to conveniently pay for things without having the cash on you. Of course, a debit card can do that too but a credit card enables you to spread the cost of big-ticket purchases over a longer span of time and even out your cash flow from month to month.
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August 12, 2013

What Does a Financial Plan Include?

Financial Planning

A financial plan is used to analyse your financial situation, as well as your goals, and from that information, address areas that could be improved. It can help in many situations, especially for those looking to take the next step in their life, such as getting married, purchasing a home, having children or retiring.
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August 5, 2013

Deciding Your Financial Goals

Financial Planning

People often turn to a financial planner to help simplify their finances and set achievable financial goals, providing greater confidence to plan for their future. These include such things as budgeting, cash flow management, savings plan, superannuation, tax planning, home loan repayments, debt management and reduction, children’s education, insurance, investments and retirement.
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July 30, 2013

Why Use a Financial Planner?

Financial Planning

Planning for your future is important, especially with regard to your finances. Each stage of your life will require different money management. Whether you’re looking to buy your first home or planning for retirement, a financial planner acts as your ‘finance coach’, helping you reach your goals & ensure that you and your family have financial protection. Importantly, financial planners exist to help change clients lives for the better and they undergo rigorous training and education to ensure they can deliver this.
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May 8, 2013

Refinancing When Your Equity Falls

Long gone are the heady days when you could sleep soundly in the knowledge your property portfolio would magically jump in value year on year. So what happens when it stalls or even drops? Is that it for your investment journey because the banks won’t go near you? Your Investment Property asked the experts to find out what you can do when your trip hits a roadblock.

As many property owners have been made painfully aware of in recent years, what goes up can also come down, often with a thud. No-one is denying it’s a tough economic climate but it’s in just these conditions that smart investors see opportunity. Many a fortune has been made in tough times, but how can you get your hands on much-needed money when your own portfolio needs resuscitating?
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March 27, 2013

Is Mobile Banking Safe?

New advances in mobile technology have, for better or worse, changed the way consumers go about their everyday lives. Mobile devices enable consumers to keep regular communication with each other through their respective data networks. They likewise enable users to pay bills, play games, take and store photos, shop for various retail goods, manage their schedules, and even keep an eye on their homes and automobiles through Wi-Fi-enabled security cameras. But for all of the things that consumers are able to do with their smart phones, millions are hesitant to link their personal banking accounts to their mobile devices.
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February 1, 2013

What Happens to Your Credit Card Debt When You Die?

There is a well known saying and it goes like this. There are only two things in life you can’t avoid: death and tax. Some would point to companies like Google and argue that tax can be avoided, but death? There’s no avoiding that one.

You may think that your estate planning is in place with a funeral plan or a Will to help your family better manage your affairs when you’re gone, but did you remember to plan ahead when it comes to your credit card debts? It isn’t uncommon for us to spend several thousand dollars per month, especially if you are playing the rewards points game. Do you want to bequeath your family and loved ones with a financial headache when you’re gone?
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March 28, 2012

My Credit Card Application Hasn’t Been Approved Yet: What’s Up?


One of the most aggravating aspects of owning a credit card is getting it in the first place. You first have to decide which type of credit card you want, then you must see if you qualify for the card, then you have to fill out the application form, then you have to see if you are approved for the card, and if you get declined then you have to do it all over again. In other words, finding out your credit card application hasn’t been approved yet isn’t the best news.
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March 20, 2012

How to Effectively Manage Multiple Credit Cards

credit cards

You might be a great at multitasking—drop the kids off from school, go to work, clean the house, pick the kids up, help with homework, make dinner, go to bed, and somewhere in there you find time for a shower. In other words, managing multiple credit cards should be a piece of cake. They are just little pieces of plastic, so all you have to do is just make sure you don’t lose them. Right?
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July 25, 2011

What Happens if you Stop Paying Your Credit Card Bill?

credit card payments

Ever tried not paying your credit card bill at the end of the month? Sometimes when you’re swamped with bills and not very organised you can let things slip, but this will have nasty consequences. So if you are in any doubt as to why you should keep paying, here’s some clarity for you!
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