Quicken is easily one of the most popular personal finance software packages on the market. It allows users to deftly manage their money with little fuss and interacts with various financial institutions, making budgeting and accounting a breeze. Users can create budgets, set up bill reminders, manage investment portfolios and their everyday accounts, including savings and credit card accounts.

The only downside to Quicken and all its features is that it costs money, and for many Australians and non-Australians alike, that is one commodity lacking in supply.

But what if we told you you could get most of the exciting financial features of Quicken for free? What if you were able to keep a detailed track of all your incoming money and outgoing funds just like you can with Quicken, except it costs nothing. In fact, being able to manage your entire personal finances in an efficient manner and not pay a penny for it just may be the straw that breaks the camel’s back, and get you organised!

Here are five fab alternatives available online, and you won’t have to spend another cent of your precious budget to use them.

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